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Choose from a variety of templates and designs to match your brand’s identity.

At E-TailedIndia MyWebCard, we revolutionize the way you network and share your professional identity. Our digital business cards offer a modern, eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards, combining innovation and convenience to help you make lasting impressions.

Why Choose E-TailedIndia MyWebCard?


Say goodbye to paper waste. Our digital cards are 100% environmentally friendly.

Instant Updates

Update your contact information, job title, and other details in real-time. No need to reprint new cards.

Always Accessible

Your digital business card is always with you, stored securely on your smartphone and accessible at your fingertips.

Interactive Elements

Embed links to your social media profiles, websites, and portfolio, making it easy for your contacts to connect with you.

Secure Sharing

Share your card via QR code, email, text, or even NFC technology.

Customizable Designs

Choose from a variety of templates and designs to match your brand's identity.


Choose from a variety of templates and designs to match your brand’s identity.

Track who views your card and gather valuable insights to optimize your networking strategy.

Seamlessly integrate with CRM systems to keep your contacts organized and up-to-date.

Your data is encrypted and protected, ensuring your information remains secure.

How It Works

Create Your Card

Sign up and choose a design that suits your style. Fill in your details and customize your card.

Share Instantly

Share your digital card via QR code, email, or text. Your contacts can save your card directly to their phone.

Update Anytime

Need to make a change? Simply update your information, and your contacts will have access to the latest version.

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Franchise Options

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